GirlCode for Western Region is a non-profit organization established in partnership with iCODE. There will be a 6-month intensive training for all ladies that includes introduction and selection of programming languages by participant, development of project ideas and certificate for each session completed to the participant The target group for this initiative is ladies in the Western Region. Upon survey conducted, there is no gender equality in girl coding when it comes to technology and there is a huge gap in gender equality.


GirlCode initially is an iCode initiate established in August,2017 which aims at training ladies in acquiring new skills and developing existing skills in Information Technology(I.T), bring out basic solutions to everyday life problems and access to more opportunities. The importance of technology in our daily lives is undeniable, due to the fact that, it is applied in all aspects. Hence GirlCode is a project which will nurture, develop and build ideas into feasible ones with appropriate mentors and provide available resources to the ladies and to their start-up business.



More girls will play leadership roles in designing and shaping technology and creating technology-based project to key gender equality issues like health and economic empowerment.



GirlCode for Western Region envisions a community where by the gap to access to technology, control and the ability to create and shape it will be improved.



• Provide necessary support for start-up and existing ideas and project. • Train at least 30 ladies.
• Launching of GirlCode in Western Region.
• Access to experienced mentors.
• Gain programming skills.


Learning is the essential mission of a start-up effort in any setting. Western Region is a region which lacks initiatives in the education of starting a business and has limited resources to help start-up ideas with the youth. The current quality of the youths in is the lack of entrepreneurship education, lack of software skills of existing entrepreneurs to market their product and create a website of their own and lack of knowledge on the advantages and disadvantages on certain business models and its impact on the business and how to expand and finance a business. It is the priority for GirlCode to create a conducive environment for ladies to flourish in their fullest potential. Since Digital and mobile technologies and the Internet have enormous potential for women’s empowerment, providing women with opportunities to find and share information, access educational and health services will help generate income, interact, collaborate, network, and have their voices heard.


This project aims to train at least 30 ladies both in the secondary and tertiary level of education. Participant will be required to educate more ladies about the program and it opportunities and bring out project ideas which can help eradicate everyday problems faced by their community.


GirlCode, we believe that connected, women gain more strength and disconnected, we will stay behind access to digital and mobile technologies and the Internet grants women and girls, particularly those in isolated, rural areas, timely, easy access to facilities as well as vital information related. These tools also have the power to expand training opportunities for professionals and their ability to gain skills. We seek to make available career paths by empowering more girls and women to use technology, connecting them to economic and social opportunities, and inspiring them to become future innovators. Also, we will encourage more ladies in the second cycle under our care of training to take up courses in Information Technology in their tertiary level of education.
GirlCode in collaboration with iCode with it facilities such as the office space serving as a centre for it major activities and its series of training at the long run will create an opportunity for leaders of change and ladies taking up more leadership roles. Also there will be more education on opportunities in terms of sponsorship of start-up ideas in related in each related field of work.


The projects being handled by the lead Grace Korantemaa Yamoah and assisted by Emelia Titsir under the supervision iCode will be responsible for the monitoring and evaluation of the project. Platforms will be made available for suggestions and contributions by participants of the project


Together we say, once girls and women have access and are equipped to these technological tools, they must be trained accordingly in order to understand and effectively use technology to its full benefit in their lives.